william carlisle
Along with my two daughters Abby & Charlotte, I will be running the Reading Half Marathon to raise money for Daisy’s Dream, a local charity that supports children who are affected by bereavement or life threatening illness. My family has been fortunate to have never had the need of such support but we saw the fantastic work of Daisy’s Dream, when a family friend unexpectedly passed away. While we lost a friend, more importantly a husband lost his wife and most critically two young girls lost their mother. Daisy’s Dream provided support to them during this extremely difficult period of their life and helped set them on the path beyond the immediate heartache. It is only in hindsight you appreciate how much they helped both at the time and beyond.

This is a small charity, which doesn’t have the same profile of some of the more mainstream causes, so every penny raised will be critical to help them to continue to do this great work. I am fortunate in that BP offers a matching scheme for everything I raise, so anything you can afford to donate will be doubly beneficial.

On a personal note, when my daughters talked me into doing this with them, I did not realise the event was on St. Patrick’s Day (....and.... the day after the closing matches for the 6-nations rugby tournament). The sacrifice we are making together here goes far beyond the physical exertion, to the abstinence in the run up that goes along with the event. So, thanks in advance for any support you are able give, no matter the size, in support of Daisy’s Dream! william carlisle