Donating to our General Appeal will directly help us continue to provide:

  • over the phone advice to families and teachers
  • invaluable 1:1 support sessions to children and young people
  • specialist group events that work to break down the sense of isolation felt by so many children who have been bereaved.

You can choose to donate as a one off amount or set up a regular gift as a monthly, quarterly or annual donation.

Individual donations can also be made online via The Good Exchange and will be match funded!

We're excited that individual donations can currently be matched when made via our current project on The Good Exchange. That means that for every £1 you donate, the wonderful folks at The Greenham Trust will match your donation. So, £1 becomes £2.

Donate via The Good Exchange

The Good Exchange is one of the few online funding and fundraising platforms that is wholly-owned by a charity. Greenham Trust runs The Good Exchange to help funders in its local area (along with partner funders in its funding area and surrounding locations) to give and receive grants more quickly and efficiently and   to also enable all charitable organisations from anywhere in the UK to run cost-effective crowdfunding appeals.