Our brilliant local communities have always been at the heart of our fundraising. Please continue to help us help you.

In the current climate in which we all find ourselves, fundraising has become a whole lot harder for everyone and we recognise that many of our communities are also facing challenging times. But, if you are looking for some fundraising ideas, we would still love you to be able to help us raise the vital funds we need to continue the essential work we do supporting children affected by the death or critical illness of someone they love.

So, here's a list of Covid-19-secure fundraising ideas, which you can still carry out in your community, whilst staying safe and having some fun along the way. 

It's not an exhaustive list - if you've got any even more innovative or cool ways of fundraising for us, we'd love to hear from you too!

Anyway, here are some starters to get you going...And please send us your photos afterwards!

Dress up (Or down) for Daisy's Dream

A low maintenance one to organise for clubs and community groups! Ask your members to dress up (just pick a theme) or down if you usually meet in uniform and ask for a donation. This one also works nicely with a virtual meeting set up and adds a bit of extra fun to your meeting. Easy peasy!

Virtual walk, run or cycle ride

Organise as a sponsored event where people can complete a course or reach a selected destination, either individually or as group. Make sure everybody adheres to the current local social distancing guidelines as they participate though!

Virtual Talent Show or Concert

It's all the rage these days - we've even seen the stars of 'Strictly' dancing in their kitchens!

Everyone can perform and watch from the comfort of their own homes, having bought a ticket in exchange for the log in details to view. You just might need a technical whizz to switch between performances on the night though and keep the show on the road!

Virtual Raffle or Auction

Sell raffle tickets to in your community and showcase the prizes on your website, local newsletter or social media channels. You could even do the draw on Facebook Live to your followers, if you're really brave. But don't worry, if not, you can publish the winners and let them know equally well via less high pressure means!

Or do an online auction, with a deadline for bids - highest bidder claims the prize!

Online competition - what will you choose?

Host a competition - choose a subject for entrants to produce a piece or artwork or photography and fundraise either by entry or to view online.

Birthday or Anniversary Fundraiser

Why not set up a fundraising page and ask your friends and family to donate in honour of your birthday, anniversary or any other milestone you wish to celebrate?

Setting up a fundraising page is quick and simple for you and making a donation is totally hassle-free for your friends and family.

So, no lists or unwanted socks for you and no queuing up at the Post Office for them. A win-win for everyone!

Home Challenges

Set a challenge that can be completed in the home, as a family or household bubble. Climb the stairs as many times as it would take to reach the top of Mount Snowdon or go large and tackle 'Virtual Kilimanjaro'!

Cycle to Lands End, walk to Buckingham Palace, run 10km, even a marathon  - all over the course of a week or month, depending on the distance!

Fundraise by asking participants to get sponsorship.


Who doesn't love a good excuse to play on their favourite console or online game for a good cause?

Choose a relevant game and get people to pay to enter and 'game' for a certain period of time (say 1 hour) up to a total number of cumulative hours - say 24 hours or 48 hours.

Donate the cost of your commute or daily coffee

If you have people in your community who are currently working remotely, see whether they would collectively consider the idea of donating the cost of that Gingerbread Latte or Skinny Cappuccino that they used to grab on the way into work every morning. Or even the cost of their daily commute?

Abstain for a month…

Not for the fainthearted! Go hardcore and ask your team to give something up for period of time.

Give up chocolate for a month or refrain from social media use (or both - eek!) and get sponsored for self-control!

Sign up for one of our Challenge Events

How about entering a team in one of our exciting range of challenges for 2021? The thrill of a tandem skydive? A test of endurance surviving in the wild? A running or walking challenge that gets your team fitter in the process? There's something for everyone! Take a closer look on our Challenge Events Page.

Virtual paint or craft event

If you know one of those lucky talented people who can paint or produce beautiful craftwork, why not see if they will host a virtual workshop and sell tickets for your audience to have some fun, make something arty themselves and fundraise in the process.

Virtual Bingo, Quiz or Games Night

Always great fun whether you choose bingo, a quiz or a games night and still lots of family fun when organised virtually and a great way to connect your community, even when you can't run an event in person!

Virtual Wine Tasting

Is there a budding wine connoisseur amongst you? Someone who knows their Cabernets from their Cavas and can teach others about tannins and tasting?

Send out the sample wines to ticket holders before the event, join online and taste together in the company of your local sommelier. 

Or if you're looking for a more formal wine tasting set up, please contact us as we may be able to help with other options.

Virtual Book Club

If you already have a book club near you, why not ask for a donation for Daisy's Dream at your next meeting as your chosen charity to support.

If you are looking to set one up, ask participants to donate a small amount each for joining and attending the online meeting and collect your donations that way.

Virtual Bake-a-long

Have you got a Pru or a Mary in your midst? A Nadiya or a Paul? Test your community's baking skills with a virtual Bake off-style competition and see who the showstoppers really are in your neighbourhood. Chocolate, bread, pastry, biscuits - pick your bake and judge the best looking (& tasting if you can) results whilst raising money from donations.

We'd love you help us fundraise and hope the ideas above give you a good start to planning your virtual event. If you'd like to host an event or find out more, please contact our fundraising team