I stumbled across Daisy's Dream when working on Syntegra's website, the company I'm currently doing an internship for. Syntegra have played an active part with the charity so I really felt I'd like to play my part.

I was saddened to learn that a child is bereaved of a parent every 25 minutes, the loss of a parent or close member of the family is one of the most fundamental and devastating losses a child will ever have to face leading to significant impact on their emotional wellbeing with the potential to affect their health, education and life chances. Bereaved children report feelings of isolation, confusion, distress, anger and anxiety.

Through support, Daisy’s dream will allow families and children to be able to integrate and manage the changes in their family and move forward with confidence and resilience

I have been very fortunate when growing up that I have not had to deal with such a hard set back. This has enabled myself to be very well supported by parents allowing me to take on challenges I would not be able to without the amazing support of my parents. I believe every child should have a limitless amount of opportunity to do what they enjoy and that can only be done with encouragement and support. A child should not be made to feel isolated or depressed when a horrific family incident occurs, instead through the support of Daisy's Dream they should be made to feel supported and encouraged enabling them to tackle fantastic opportunities life has to offer. That is why I feel taking part in the Ironman 70.3 would be a fantastic opportunity to help support Daisy’s Dream.

Daniel Madden