Recent studies suggest that an improvement in employee wellbeing can lead to an improvement in workplace performance. What’s more, volunteering has been shown to yield a number of positive outcomes including increased confidence, enhanced social skills, and raised aspirations.

Getting involved with fundraising activities and events can give your employees opportunities to be creative, to work autonomously, to use their own initiative and to influence decisions; all of which show a strong and positive link to workplace performance. There are also options for your employees to donate their time and skills to us on specific projects, helping them to meet individual personal development goals. In essence, engaging your staff in a charity partnership could have a direct positive impact on your company.

As if that wasn’t enough, partnering with a charity offers a chance to add a little fun to the working week. We run a wide range of activities and events throughout the year that your staff can get involved with, and your fundraising contact will always be on hand to help those who would like to organise their own. Whether they are purely for fundraising purposes or have a more distinct objective, such as team building, we can offer ideas and practical support to get them on their way.