In Memory

Claire Glenister

25 Feb 1977 - 18 Aug 2023

Recently, we experienced the profound loss of my beloved wife, Claire. She was not only a remarkable partner but also the nurturing mother of our two incredible children, Alice and Lewis. Claire's journey was marked by an unwavering battle against cancer, a fight she undertook with unparalleled determination. Her unwavering courage and indomitable spirit were fuelled by a resolute commitment to securing the best possible future for our children in every conceivable way. Throughout this arduous period, Daisy's Dream, an invaluable charitable organisation dedicated to aiding children in their bereavement, stood steadfastly by our side. Their unwavering presence has been a source of solace for Alice and Lewis, as well as countless other children in similar circumstances. Through their compassionate efforts, they guide these young hearts towards understanding and navigating the complexities of loss, empowering them to forge ahead with positivity. In light of the support we've received from Daisy's Dream, we humbly ask for your consideration in joining us to support this noble cause. Any contribution, be it big or small, would hold immeasurable significance for our family. Your generosity would not only honour Claire's memory but also make a lasting impact on the lives of children who are learning to find hope amidst the most challenging of circumstances. Thanks, James Glenister

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