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Leave a gift in your Will to Daisy’s Dream and you will make sure that we will be there for children, young people and their families in the most difficult of times. The death or serious illness of someone close can have a devastating effect on a child or young person. With the right support and information however, children and young people can be helped to understand what has happened and learn to move forward in a positive way.

We believe that no child’s future should be defined by a death or a life-limiting illness within their family. Given time and support, children and young people can learn to cope with the changing dynamics of their life and ultimately move forwards in a positive way. So, after providing for your loved ones, please consider leaving some of what remains to Daisy’s Dream; it will make a huge difference to children and young people in your local community.

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If you would like to have a chat about leaving a gift us in your Will, please email our team on fundraising@daisysdream.org or call us on 0118 934 2604. We would be pleased to hear from you and you would be in no way committed to leaving us a gift in your Will should you change your mind.

Helpful Information

Our details

If you decide to leave a gift to Daisy’s Dream in your Will, you will need to have our registered charity number and address written into your Will, which are:

Daisy’s Dream
PO Box 4738
RG10 9GT

Registered Charity Number: 1177145

Does a gift left in a Will need to be a large amount to make a difference?
Every single gift left to us will make a positive difference to the future of Daisy’s Dream and the lives of the children, young people, and families that we work with. Although some of the legacy gifts we have received are large ones, the majority are not, and it is what these gifts can achieve that makes them so important and so appreciated.. All of our support is built around the needs of each family, which are different every time – each child is unique and responds to bereavement in their own way. So, it costs more for some families and less for others, but what we do know is that each time we step in with support, it makes a difference, just as your legacy gift would, whatever the amount.
How should it be written?
Your solicitor will be familiar with the wording required to leave a gift in your Will. Unfortunately, our fundraising team aren’t able to offer legal advice, so please ask your solicitor for any further information.
Are you a local solicitor or law firm?

We would welcome the support of local solicitors or law firms in offering free advice to someone wishing to leave a gift in their Will to Daisy’s Dream. Your help to make the whole process as simple and stress-free as possible would be really appreciated and could be the difference between us receiving much needed support into the future or not.

 Please contact us on fundraising@daisysdream.org.uk or 0118 934 2604 to chat about this further.

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