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Meet our 2023 London Marathon Dream Team

Here they are! Our fabulous 2023 London Marathon runners.

Here they are! Our fabulous 2023 London Marathon runners.
The big day is nearly here and they’ve all trained so hard. The London Marathon is one of the UK’s biggest charity fundraising events and thanks to their fantastic efforts we will be able to directly support more children and young people across Berkshire who have been bereaved of someone they love.

Introducing, in their own words…



“I find running REALLY hard, it’s certainly not something that I can easily do so 26.2 miles is a very daunting task for me. Knowing that I am running to help raise funds for a charity that does such important work to support children at a challenging and pivotal time for them is what will get me through the miles (and miles) of training and over that finish line.

My son was 2 years old when I was diagnosed with cancer and although I am fine now and he barely remembers me going through treatment, the thoughts of ‘what if I don’t make it?’, ‘how do I make sure that he will be ok without me?’ and ‘how do I support him through this?’ will never leave me. I would rather that no child has to go through the death of someone that love but the knowledge that Daisy’s Dream is there is a huge comfort and I know that anything that I can raise for them will go towards really making a difference.”


“Running the London Marathon is the ultimate racing experience for me and when I finally secured a ballot place, I was absolutely delighted.

I first became aware of Daisy’s Dream when my sister-in-law started working for them and have learnt more about the amazing and tireless work they do for children and their families.

The decision to run for them was an easy one and I hope I can help make a difference to the lives of young children and their families.

The training and experience so far has been great and I am very excited for race day!”



“Daisy’s Dream has been a charity I have had a 20 year association with and is a cause close to my heart. Having lost my Mother to cancer as a teenager I understand the need for support through the loss of a parent. 2023 is the 30th anniversary of losing my Mum and I wanted to use this anniversary to help others who go through a similar loss. Having always been a slow but stubborn runner, in a post lockdown world, the London Marathon felt the perfect challenge for me to work towards. Signing up for the Marathon and to support Daisy’s Dream has given me a real purpose. Having run the marathon twice before things have never gone to plan on the day, I was therefore determined to train to break the 5 hour mark this time around but more importantly I am determined to make a difference for Daisy’s Dream.

So far I have run over 400 miles in training, run 20 miles 3 times and average over 16,000 steps a day for the past 6 months – so I feel I have done all the training I could. On the day I will also be motivated by the support and sponsorship of friends. The funds have flown in steadily without having to twist a single arm and I have been touched that despite the current financial challenges faced by many the generosity shown.

So I have the reason to run, I have done the training and I have the backing of friends to get me round the 26.2 miles. Now I just need it to all come together on the day.”


“Hello, I’m Lauren and I have chosen to run the London Marathon to raise money for Daisy’s Dream because they offer vital support for families in the hardest of times.

Daisy’s Dream is very close to my heart. My mum works at the charity as a therapist and I am reminded daily about the incredible service they provide for children and their families. I work as a Primary School teacher and fully understand how essential charities like Daisy’s Dream are. Daisy’s Dream is essential for ensuring families get through extremely difficult times so I wanted to run the marathon to help raise as much money as possible to ensure the charity continues to thrive.”



“As the London Marathon approaches later this month, I find myself experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. The heart-breaking stories of those who have been aided by Daisy’s Dreams have left a deep impression on me, motivating me to continue raising much-needed funds for this remarkable organisation. The past four months have been challenging, with both highs and lows, as I’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears into this endeavour. Nevertheless, I’m immensely grateful and proud to support such an extraordinary charity. Although this achievement may seem small in comparison to the struggles of those in need, it has the potential to raise awareness and make a difference. I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone at Daisy’s Dream for providing me with this incredible opportunity.

Come on London I’m ready to smash this!”


“I am running the London Marathon for Daisy’s Dream following the support they have provided and continue to provide to a friend of mine Sarah Franklin-Wilson who sadly lost her husband Paul to Cancer. I had the pleasure of meeting Paul while he was having treatment in hospital alongside my Dad. They kept each other smiling and in very high spirits while they were both suffering from this dreaded disease.

Daisy’s Dream have been an amazing support to Sarah and her four gorgeous daughters, helping them with their grief of losing their Daddy.”



“I am running London Marathon this year on behalf of my friend Michelle. Daisy’s Dream helped Michelle and her son when Michelle’s husband unexpectedly took his own life. Michelle’s son was young at the time, and Daisy’s Dream provided vital support and counselling services that helped both Michelle and her son deal with the awful and sudden bereavement. As Michelle’s son has grown, Daisy’s Dream have continued to provide their support to him. This wonderful charity helps countless children and families in a similar position and as a father and husband myself, I cannot think of a better cause to fundraise for.

My marathon journey has been a rather turbulent one. I have been injured not once, not twice, but three times during my training., I have battled through knee issues, hip issues and most recently a calf tear. The calf tear will not have healed by the time I reach the start line on the 23rd April, but nothing is going to stop me from completing the marathon now.

I have run a few marathons before this one, and I have never struggled with the training as much as I have this time. Every time I have hit a low point, the amazing work that Daisy’s Dream do comes back to my mind and I push on, knowing that the pain I am experiencing and the effort I am exerting will be completely worth it to raise money for such a wonderful cause.”

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all our fundraisers and everybody who has supported them, and wish them all the best for Sunday. We can’t wait to hear how all your races go!