Chloe and Ethan were 6 and 4 when their mum Charlotte was diagnosed with cancer. Their parents had separated 2 years previously and, whilst the children maintained regular contact with their dad, the relationship between their parents was very strained. As Charlotte’s condition worsened she contacted us for advice as to how she could explain her illness to the children.

One of our Family Workers visited Chloe and Ethan, both at home and at school; talking with them individually, as well as together with Mum, about the illness. When they asked questions about whether or not she would get better, our Family Worker was able to support Mum in explaining that, although Doctors can help sometimes, they aren’t always able to make people better.

Sadly Charlotte died a year after her initial diagnosis. During the later stages of her illness the children spent more and more time being cared for by dad and his new partner - a process which inevitably has required lots of adjustment by the whole family. The children are now very settled and talk openly about their mum with their dad and step-mum. This hasn’t always been easy for them, but they are now finding a way to do that and to look forward to the future.

Our support for the family continues and will be there for as long as is necessary as the children continue to adjust to a life without their mum.