With two weeks of rain before the event on Sunday 6th October, the Spartan Super would have been better called a 14k mud slog. The ESP team literally waded through stinking waist deep mud more times than many of them could count, including some lost shoes and misjudged face-first submergings! To top all that the organisers threw in 25 obstacles that demanded climbing, leaping, swinging, heaving, hauling, dragging and to cap it all off, a leap through fire!

But their team of 18 brave people, some who’d never done an event like this, faced the challenge of the 25 obstacles across 14k in the same determined way that they have raised money throughout the year for our charity, Daisy’s Dream.

They set out to raise in excess of £10,000 for us in 2019, and with a year of running, a Tough Mudder, a crazy mountain challenge and the Spartan Super they are delighted to announce that we have passed that milestone!

We are so proud of everyone who has contributed; the money they have raised will make a huge difference to families we are supporting through serious illness and bereavement.