When Alex and Rich found out that their friend Dan and his family were receiving support from Daisy's Dream, following Dan's recent cancer diagnosis, they decided that they wanted to do something to show their appreciation of our work.

Not fancying a marathon, they decided on a golf challenge at Caversham Heath Golf Club, where Dan is a member. Their target was to raise £2,000 by playing 72 holes between sunrise at 4:50am and sunset at 21:26pm. They even had some special polo shirts made to mark the occasion. (Rich was very keen to tell us that he is profoundly colour-blind but we're not sure why he felt the need to mention it...)

Supported by colleagues, friends and family, Rich and Alex not only completed the 72 holes but actually finished ahead of schedule at 8:30pm, despite suffering from colds and mega blisters! Any thoughts of tired legs and sore arms soon disappeared though when pal Dan arrived on course to join them in playing that long-awaited 72nd hole. They were absolutely delighted to see him - as you can see from the brilliant photo below.

The time challenge wasn't the only target they smashed either... the pair completed 64,500 steps (that's 32 miles!) and have raised a massive £12,500 at last count. That's enough for us to help at least 25 families like Dan's, who have reached out to us for support; what a fantastic achievement!

Thank you Rich and Alex - you heroes!