Our experience of working with families has shown us that everyone's circumstances are unique. However, many of the adults that contact us are initially looking for reassurance about how to:

  • Explain illness or death to children
  • Help children to express their grief
  • Understand and manage a child's behaviour after someone has died
  • Help to prepare children for changes to family life
  • Find ways to talk together about what has happened

The families and professionals we talk to are often concerned that children are feeling:

  • Isolated and unable to talk to family and friends
  • Confused by the range of feelings that they are experiencing
  • Worried about why people get ill, why people die and whether it will happen to them or anyone else they love
  • Unsettled by the change in their circumstances

If you have a question that you are struggling with, or if you are concerned about a child, please contact us. One of our Therapeutic Practitioners will be in touch to discuss your concerns; it may be that they can be addressed directly during that conversation. If additional support is required, our family workers will agree with you the most appropriate way to move forward.