Who we support

Daisy’s Dream will support a child or young person who has a Berkshire home address or attends a Berkshire based school or college. We typically work with children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18 years.

It is important that children and young people feel ready to engage with our service and that the work we undertake with them is appropriate for their needs. To ensure that they get the best possible outcome from working with one of our team we are unable to work with children and young people:

  • Who do not wish to explore their grief.
  • Who are receiving another form of therapeutic support (for example CAMHS, school counsellor etc.)
  • When grief is not the dominant concern but is a component of multiple issues
  • Where the trauma surrounding the bereavement is so significant that the level of support required is beyond our expertise
  • Are going through a period of change (eg.care proceedings, entering residential care)
About Daisy's Dream
What Daisy's Dream do

Sometimes we aren’t able to work with a child or young person directly but we will always support those that are already involved in their care.

There may be occasions where we feel other organisations are better placed to support a child or young person because they require specific skills appropriate to their situation. We will always signpost to alternative services if this is what is needed.

We know it is vital for children and young people to be surrounded by supportive networks and so also provide advice and guidance for parents, carers, schools and other professionals involved in their lives. We want everyone to feel confident and able to talk to children and young people about issues surrounding death and dying.

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